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Spring in Kefalonia
Spring in Kefalonia
IPS Greece | Paths of Erissos
Kimilia Beach
Fiskardo Kayaks
Ionian e-bike
Fiskardo Divers
Fiskardo | North Kefalonia
Fiskardo | North Kefalonia
Fiskardo | North Kefalonia
Fiskardo | North Kefalonia
Fiskardo | North Kefalonia
IPS | Assos
Path to Assos Castle
IPS | Assos | Venetian Castle
Spring in Kefalonia

Kefalonia in May and June

May and June is such a lovely time of year to visit Kefalonia. Millions of Spring flowers adorn the olive groves and hillsides, the sea is warming up, the locals have opened for the season and are happy to see early visitors. It is generally quieter with less people around which often means you get a beach to yourself! 

To give you an idea of what you can do during your stay, we have some suggestions to get you out and about.

Walking/ Hiking

Temperatures are perfect for exploring on foot, if you enjoy the outdoors then you'll love the walking the trails. Footpaths lead you along old stone paths, via old ruined villages, under forests of cypress, pine and arbutus and beside beaches so don't forget to take your swimmers! Remember to take water and wear appropriate footwear as the trails are not ideal for flip flops.


In and around the harbour of Fiskardo, there is a choice of routes available; The Lighthouse Trail (850m/30minutes), The Cypress Trail (4.7km, 2h 30minutes) and The Battery Trail (10km, 3h 35mins). 

The Lighthouse Trail, 850m, approx 30 minutes

Starting and finishing in Fiskardo, this easy trail leads you out of the village through woodland via ruins of an early Christian basilica 6th- 8th Century (one of the oldest and biggest in the Ionian islands). You'll pass the new lighthouse built in 1892 and close by is the renovated Venetian lighthouse and keeper's cottage. Palaeolithic tools and weapons have been discovered in this area and are available to see at Argostoli museum.

The Cypress Trail, 4.7km, approx 2h 30 minutes

Beginning in Fiskardo following an old path around Foki Bay, keeping the channel to Ithaca island on your left towards Tselentata village then over large smooth slabs of rock leading up hill to Katsarata where you can take in wonderful views of the islands of Lefkada, Meganissi, Ithaca and the Greek mainland. From Katsarata follow the signs to Spiliovouna which means 'Cave Mountain', up towards a ruined windmill that milled wheat and barley in to the 1950s. The trail begins to descend to the hamlet of Spiliovouno where you will find ruined houses and remains of an old olive press. Continuing on towards Fiskardo you'll pass a series of rock-roofed caves where there are traces of ancient habitation have been discovered. This area is full of caves and there are large stones (Cyclopean walls) that appear to have been placed by man rather than nature. Follow the signs and you'll end up where you started, in Fiskardo.

The Battery Trail, 10km, approx 3h, 35 minutes

Starting in Fiskardo, follow a track through Larni gorge and through the trees where you will come across a 2.5m square hollow carved out of the rock with three steps. Known as the "throne of the Queen of Fiskardo", a local mythical legend.  Archaeologists have now concluded that the 'throne' is the lower section of a temple-shaped mausoleum built by Roman colonists or Greek pagans. Continue along the track towards the hamlet of Psilithrias where you will discover abandoned houses. Tread the narrow street through the village and head up along ancient paving stones, under woodland canopy towards Gratsiantata. This is the highest section of the trail with views over the village of Antipata and the Ionian sea - the sunsets are spectacular from here. Continue on to the 18th century church of the Panagia Platytera then to the village of Frapata where the paved path to the Battery begins. The path is allegedly Venetian and meanders through forest of holm oak, cypress and arbutus to the Battery. The Battery was built by the Germans in October 1943 with four Krupp 150mm guns to control the Ionian. Tunnels were dug connecting the batteries that were used for cover and storage of ammunition. When the Germans withdrew in September 1944 they blew up the first battery and shortly afterwards, two local young men triggered an explosion in another store and lost their lives. Today only the cement bases of the artillery and the tunnels remain. Follow the path to Kimilia beach through forest of arbutus. Kimilia is a beautiful, small pebble beach where you can enjoy a swim. The path then leads you on to the beach of Emplisi, which is very popular in the Summer. From Emplisi, the last leg of the trail takes you through the grounds of the Emelisse Hotel and then back in to Fiskardo.

Drapanitika to Assos, 10km, 1h 30 minutes

Park your car on the outskirts of the old village of Drapanitika and begin your walk on the west side of the island with stunning views across the Ionian sea and the village of Assos with its Venetian Fortress. Follow the track down towards the tiny harbour village of Assos where you will find plenty of cafes and restaurants. While in Assos you can explore the 16th Century Venetian castle dating back to 1593. Open daily with no entry fee. Access to the castle is via (quite steep in parts) a renovated stone path that leads you to an arched entrance gate with the Venetian Lion of Saint Mark. Beyond you can see ruins of the small church of St. Mark and the house of the Venetian High Commissioner. Closer to the castle is a small abandoned church of the Prophet Elias, built in 1888 on the ruins of another church dating back to 1500. The castle once served as an important fort until 1684 and was built to protect the inhabitants. After WWII the fortress was used a prison until 1953.

If you don't fancy the return walk, there are plenty of Taxis in the village that will take you back.

Scuba Diving

Should you want to try out diving or are a keen diver then Fiskardo Divers, PADI Dive Centre are the people to go to. Run by Master Scuba Trainer Cedric Georges who has extensive dive experience and has taught scuba diving in Fiskardo since 2000. The centre caters for all ages and experience levels and are fluent in French, English, Spanish, Greek and also speak some Italian and German.


Fiskardo Kayaks strives to offer guests a truly memorable, fun day out on the water with countless nearby beautiful secluded blue bays and pebble beaches to visit and explore. Fiskardo Kayaks is proud to offer only the best in kayaks and equipment with all relevant gear needed for a safe, fun and comfortable adventure.

Ionian e-bike

If you want to get around on two wheels, explore the island and hidden paths you can hire an eBike (70km of range with full battery). Guided group excursions available and lunch included (max 6 people). Safety equipment included in rental, baby seats available. All bikes are covered by insurance and conform to CEE Laws. Delivery to your villa is available.

Motor boat hire
Discover hidden beaches and bays and hire a motor boat. There are a number of companies in Fiskardo harbour that hire small motorboats to tourists and Regina's Boat Hire is a good place to start.


There are plenty of beaches to explore and we highly recommend you hire a car to get the most out of your stay.

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